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Immaculate Heart of Mary is a Catholic Church of the Roman Rite. Established in 1946, IHM serves the communities of Los Alamos and White Rock in the County of Los Alamos, NM. St. Joseph's mission church serves the people of White Rock.

Funeral Planning at IHM

Our heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family, if you have recently lost a loved one. All of our deceased are continually kept in our hearts and prayers. As you prepare to make funeral arrangements, know that we here at the Parish are ready to assist you during this difficult time. When you are able to please contact the parish office at 662-6193, to setup a meeting with the Pastor and the Director of Liturgy, at this meeting we will work with you to try to accommodate your preferences and needs. As a Parish Staff our goal is to help you in your time of loss and to walk with you in this moment. What follows is some information that might be helpful to you.


Funeral Mass and Rosary will be scheduled to best meet the needs of the family. The Funeral can be scheduled anytime Monday thru Saturday. The Rosary can be held the evening before the Funeral or day of the Funeral before the Mass.

The Rites/Ceremonies:

We always use the official rites of the Roman Catholic Church and will always strive to meet your needs and requests.

Eulogies, if desired are normally given at one of three places, at the Funeral Mass after Holy Communion, at the Rosary, or at the Cemetery prior to Internment. Of course eulogies can also be at the reception following the Mass.

Notice to Parish:

We will post a notice in the Church of the scheduled Funeral Rites for your loved one as soon as possible to inform the Parish Community, if you prefer us not to post a notice about the Funeral Rites please inform us.


As an aid for worship during the Funeral Mass, we publish a program of events for the Service. Please supply a favorite photograph of your loved one for use on the cover page.


Because the Funeral Mass, as all Masses, represents our highest form of worship, all hymns need to be consistent with the beliefs of the Catholic Church. A favorite song could be sung of as a meditation song, please check with the Pastor and Liturgist in regards to music selection. If you have musicians/singers that you would like for the Funeral Mass, please share their names and contact information with the Pastor and Director of Liturgy. Recorded music can be used at the funeral Mass. If desired, recorded music and other musicians can be used at the reception. A list of hymns is provided here: Heritage Missal

Personnel for the Mass:

If possible please choose 1 or 2 people to proclaim the readings from Holy Scripture. In addition, you may choose 2 or 3 people to act as the gift bearers; they will bring up the bread and wine during the Mass. Know that the Parish can provide readers and gift bearers if needed.


As during a normal Sunday Mass, an Old Testament reading, a Responsorial Psalm, a New Testament reading, and a Gospel reading are used for the funeral. Possible selections are provided by the USCCB. Know that if you need help choosing readings for the funeral the Pastor and Director of Liturgy are more than willing to be of assistance.


IHM, because it is a Stewardship Parish, does not charge for funerals. However, if your financial circumstances permit, a modest gift of about $50 for each musician and singer would be greatly appreciated. Gifts to other personnel and to the parish are accepted but not necessary.


Cremation is acceptable in the Catholic Church; however, it is preferred to have the body present during the funeral Mass and cremation performed afterwards. We recognize that this is sometimes not practical.

Disposition of cremated remains ("cremains") should be as a whole in a blessed cemetery or other sacred place used for such purposes. Ashes should not be scattered, divided or kept as keepsakes. Proper burial/disposition of remains affirms our Christian belief in the bodily resurrection.


Normally the priest that celebrated the Mass or the Deacon that assisted will accompany you to a local cemetery for interment. If the interment is at SFNC or other distant burial location, we will make every effort to make sure a priest or deacon from the Parish is at the interment.


Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we are currently not able to provide a reception meal. But you are welcome to use our Parish Hall for a reception; you will need to follow the current health code requirements due to the Pandemic. A post-Mass reception at no charge is provided by our funeral meals ministry at our parish hall if desired and if scheduling permits. It is usually a light luncheon with sandwiches and pot luck items provided by our parishioners. If you have special food requirements, you will need to make arrangements with a caterer or other provider. Donations are welcome but not required. The reception may be held either prior to or after the interment at a local cemetery. If the interment is not held locally, a reception, if desired, may still be held directly after the Mass or liturgy. If remarks or a eulogy is desired at the reception, a microphone can be provided if requested. In addition, a projector for pictures or a video from a computer file also can be provided if needed. If you would like to display hard copy pictures or collages, easels are available for your use.