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Immaculate Heart of Mary is a Catholic Church of the Roman Rite. Established in 1946, IHM serves the communities of Los Alamos and White Rock in the County of Los Alamos, NM. St. Joseph's mission church serves the people of White Rock.

The Rite of
Christian Initation
for Adults

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The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

The RCIA program presents an in-depth study of the Catholic faith with no obligations. No prior experience is necessary only a heart desiring to come closer to God. Some of the topics include, an overview of salvation history, the Creed or basic beliefs of the Catholic faith, the Sacraments, Mary, Communion of Saints, Popes, prayer, Bible study of the Gospels, and much more. After RCIA, your life will never be the same. All parishioners are encouraged to invite anyone they may think is interested!

Each year's spiritual journey begins the first Sunday after Labor Day, following the 9 am Mass, in the Karen McLaughlin Hall. We meet at IHM's coffee and donuts, then move to the John Paul II Center around 10:45 AM. The RCIA group will continue to meet on most Sundays until the evening of the Easter Vigil Mass when Catechumens and Candidates will become full members of the Roman Catholic Church.

Topics Include:

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