IHM Building Projects

This is the Immaculate Heart of Mary building projects information page. Here you will find information regarding the building projects being undertaken by the parish. Return here to see information as we move forward on improving our facility.

In the Fall of 2023, IHM distributed a survey parish wide to asses the parish's interest in thirteen proposed building projects. The results of the survey were tabulated in October, 2023.
The prioritized results can be found here.

In December, a parish wide meeting was held to review the survey result and comments submitted by the survey respondents. An initial plan was developed at meeting.
The Initial Plan

The Archdiocese of Santa Fe has approved our request to have a Building Fund. The funds that are given to the Building Fund will only be able to be used for the eight projects that were approved through the survey that was sent out to Parishioners. You will be able to contribute to the Building Fund through the monthly Building Fund and online.

This page last updated: February 13, 2023