Child Protection Training for All Staff and Volunteers

The VIRTUS Program

In its efforts to protect the safety of children in recognizing and preventing child abuse, the Archdiocese of Santa Fe requires all adult staff and volunteers in ANY ministry to be trained in prevention. The VIRTUS program provides this training and is available in both English and Spanish. It can be done online and takes about 30 minutes of your time and can be done at your convenience. It also includes a background check.

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer in our parish, and for your concern for our children's safety. Here are the links to VIRTUS and VIRTUS en Español.

In September of 2017 the Archdiocese of Santa Fe updated its policy requiring all parish staff and volunteers to renew their training every five years.

Please update your training if it has been five or more years since your last training. When completed please print out two copies of your certificate, one for your records and one for the parish records. Please bring the parish copy to the parish office.