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Immaculate Heart of Mary is a Catholic Church of the Roman Rite. Established in 1946, IHM serves the communities of Los Alamos and White Rock in the County of Los Alamos, NM. St. Joseph's mission church serves the people of White Rock.

Homeless Bags Ministry

Bags for the Homeless

Immaculate Heart of Mary's Homeless Bag Ministry assembles bags with items that can be useful to a homeless person.

Often, when we go to Albuquerque or Santa Fe we see homeless standing on street corners. Through the Homeless Bag Ministry we can help them by giving them one of our pre-made bags! They’re packed with nonperishable snacks, a water bottle, socks, toiletries, painkillers, a Rosary, a Divine Mercy Prayer Card, and information on services and shelters in the metro areas.

Above all, the most important gift we can give is a smile that tells them that they are seen and they are loved. And mercy is not a one-way street! We always receive more than we give.

The homeless bags are located in the church narthex, both at IHM and St. Joseph's in White Rock. When you go to Albuquerque or Santa Fe, take some bags with you and share them in an act of God’s loving mercy. However, please be safe when giving a bag to a homeless person. Please read this article about an Albuquerque ordinance affecting interacting with pedestrians.

Would you like to help assemble bags?

We especially need help in purchasing the items that go into the homeless bags. Typically we assemble 200 bags each quarter. Below is the list of items we need for the each bag stuffing session. Our greatest needs are highlighted. If you would like to help, please check our most needed supplies spreadsheet for the current quantities needed. If you purchase any items and donate them please enter the number you provide in a "Donation" column on the spreadsheet.

If you can help purchase any of the above items please bring them to the Parish Hall and place them in the collection box for the Homeless Bags. For more information please call the Parish Office at 662-6193.

Bag stuffing will be in late September or eary October.

January 2017 Bag stuffing