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Immaculate Heart of Mary is a Catholic Church of the Roman Rite. Established in 1946, IHM serves the communities of Los Alamos and White Rock in the County of Los Alamos, NM. St. Joseph's mission church serves the people of White Rock.

Homilies and Reflections

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Liturgical Year 2021 - B
May 16 2021Yr B AscensionFr. John
May 09 2021Yr B 6th Sunday EasterFr. John
May 02 2021Yr B 5th Sunday EasterFr. John
Apr 25 2021Yr B 4th Sunday EasterFr. John
Apr 18 2021Yr B 3rd Sunday EasterFr. John
Apr 18 2021Yr B 3rd Sunday EasterDcn. John
Apr 11 2021Yr B 2nd Sunday EasterFr. John
Apr 04 2021Yr B EasterFr. John
Mar 28 2021Yr B Palm SundayFr. John
Mar 21 2021Yr B 5th Sunday LentFr. John
Mar 14 2021Yr B 4th Sunday LentFr. John
Mar 07 2021Yr B 3rd Sunday LentFr. John
Feb 28 2021Yr B 2nd Sunday LentFr. John
Feb 21 2021Yr B 1st Sunday LentFr. John
Feb 14 2021Yr B 6th Sunday OTFr. John
Feb 07 2021Yr B 5th Sunday OTFr. John
Feb 07 2021Yr B 5th Sunday OTDcn. Jim
Jan 31 2021Yr B 4th Sunday OTFr. John
Jan 28 2021Yr B Saint Thomas AquinasDcn. Jim
Jan 24 2021Yr B 3rd Sunday OTFr. John
Jan 17 2021Yr B 2nd Sunday OTFr. John
Jan 17 2021Yr B 2nd Sunday OTDcn. John
Jan 10 2021Yr B Baptism of JesusFr. John
Jan 03 2021Yr B EpiphanyFr. John
Dec 27 2020Yr B The Holy FamilyFr. John
Dec 20 2020Yr B 4th Sunday AdventFr. John
Dec 13 2020Yr B 3rd Sunday AdventFr. John
Dec 06 2020Yr B 2nd Sunday AdventFr. John
Nov 29 2020Yr B 1st Sunday AdventFr. John

Liturgical Year 2020 - A
Nov 22 2020Yr A Christ the KingFr. John
Nov 15 2020Yr A 33rd Sunday OTFr. John
Nov 08 2020Yr A 32nd Sunday OTFr. John
Nov 01 2020Yr A All SaintsFr. John
Oct 25 2020Yr A 30th Sunday OTFr. John
Oct 18 2020Yr A 29th Sunday OTFr. John
Oct 11 2020Yr A 28th Sunday OTFr. John
Oct 04 2020Yr A 27th Sunday OTFr. John
Sep 27 2020Yr A 26th Sunday OTFr. John
Sep 20 2020Yr A 25th Sunday OTFr. John
Sep 13 2020Yr A 24th Sunday OTFr. John
Sep 06 2020Yr A 23rd Sunday OTFr. John
Aug 30 2020Yr A 22nd Sunday OTFr. John
Aug 23 2020Yr A 21st Sunday OTFr. John
Aug 16 2020Yr A 20th Sunday OTFr. John
Aug 09 2020Yr A 19th Sunday OTFr. John
Aug 02 2020Yr A 18th Sunday OTFr. John
Jul 26 2020Yr A 17th Sunday OTFr. John
Jul 19 2020Yr A 16th Sunday OTFr. John
Jul 12 2020Yr A 15th Sunday OTFr. John
Jul 05 2020Yr A 14th Sunday OTFr. John
Jun 28 2020Yr A 13th Sunday OTFr. John
Jun 21 2020Yr A 12th Sunday OTFr. John
Jun 14 2020Yr A Corpus ChristiFr. John
Jun 07 2020Yr A TrinityFr. John
May 31 2020Yr A PentecostFr. John
May 24 2020Yr A AscensionFr. John
May 24 2020Yr A AscensionDcn. Ray
May 17 2020Yr A 6th Sunday EasterFr. John
May 10 2020Yr A 5th Sunday EasterFr. John
May 03 2020Yr A 4th Sunday EasterFr. John

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