St. Therese de Lisieux

Sanctity - consists in a disposition of the heart, which renders us humble and pliant in the hands of God, conscious of our own weakness, but confident to the point of boldness in the goodness of our Heavenly Father.

Therese never wanted to miss receiving Holy Communion even when she became very ill. Confession was the desire of her heart every time she felt sin in her thoughts or deeds. When Therese became ill, she imagined Jesus as a small child and felt it easier to relate to Him. Her name reflects her love for the "Child Jesus" and her determination to be a "Little One" in spirit with a child-like confidence to God forever as to a most loving Father.

Upon her Profession into the Carmelite nuns in France, Therese said, "My Jesus, Grant me martyrdom either of heart or of body or rather give me both." God never refused her request!

Therese had a most tender love of Jesus and the Church. She practiced self-denial, self-sacrifice, desired to assist Priests and Missionaries and gain innumerable souls to Jesus all of which when dying, she promised she would obtain from God.

Therese's mission was to teach souls the "Little Way" to Heaven. Her Little Way consisted in doing ordinary things each day, as perfectly as possible and with as much love as possible, to please God. It meant child-like love of God our Father and complete trust and self-surrender.

She promised to spend her Heaven doing good upon earth and would let fall a shower of roses. This promise she fulfilled and continues to fulfill still today.

from Little Flowers Wreath I Girls Guide, page 5 and St. Joseph Beginner's Book of Saints, page 50