Little Flowers Girls Club

Little Flowers is a club for elementary school girls that was developed by Catholic moms who wanted a social group for their daughters and their daughters' peers to celebrate their Catholic faith, heritage and traditions.

The moms were inspired by "The Catholic Girl's Guide," edited by Fr. Francis X. Lasance that one mother came across during her research. The guide, published by Benzinger Brothers in 1906, outlined "The Maiden's Wreath." The wreath comprised virtues a Catholic girl could develop in herself and ascribed these virtues to flowers as a symbol of their beauty and grace.

As a result, Little Flowers is centered around learning virtues through the lives of the saints, Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The girls earn flower petal badges or flower medals for each virtue.

At our monthly meetings we learn about a saint and a virtue she practiced. There is also time for singing, a craft that relates to the virtue or saint, and snack. It is our hope that the girls form friendships that support their own beliefs, and gain pride and self-assurance in their Catholic faith.

We invite you and your daughter to join us! For details, please contact Gina Peterson.

We ask you to pray for all of our Little Flowers so that they may embrace the virtues of our Church. Also, pray for the leaders of the Little Flowers Girls Club, so that they may genuinely emulate the virtues that are taught and tenderly guide our girls. May God Bless You!