Little Flowers Wreaths

In kindergarten, first and second grades, the girls work on flower petal badges for each virtue in a wreath. In third, fourth and fifth grades, they earn a medal for each virtue in a wreath.

Wreath One

The Sunflower ~ Faith ~ St. Catherine of Siena
The Ivy ~ Hope ~ St. Monica
The Peony ~ Love of God ~ St. Agnes
The Rose ~ Love of Neighbor~ St. Frances de Chantal
The Carnation ~ Obedience ~ St. Joan of Arc
The Forget-Me-Not ~ Piety ~ St. Cecelia
The Violets ~ Humility ~ St. Catherine Labourne
The Daffodil ~ Industry ~ St. Frances Xavier
The Narcissus ~ Truthfulness ~ St. Bridget of Sweden

Wreath Two

The Lily ~ Mercy ~ St. Faustina
The Yucca ~ Courage ~ Blessed Margaret Pole
The Tulip ~ Joy ~ St. Clare of Assisi
The Daisy ~ Generosity ~ St. Katharine Drexel
The African Violet ~ Prudence ~ St. Angela Merici
The Iris ~ Wisdom ~ St. Theresa Benedicta (Edith Stein)
The Aster ~ Justice ~ Blessed Mary of the Incarnation
The Poppy ~ Loyalty ~ St. Lucy
The Lotus ~ Perseverance ~ St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Wreath Three

The Dandelion ~ Eutrapelia ~ Mary, Sister of Martha
The Morning Glory ~ Friendliness ~ Ruth and Naomi
Black-Eyed Susan ~ Initiative ~ St. Margaret of Scotland
The Cranberry ~ Orderliness ~ St. Zita
The Amaryllis ~ Self-Control ~ St. Felicity and 7 Sons
The Mum ~ Responsibility ~ St. Anne
Lily of the Valley ~ Patience ~ St. Bathilde
The Blue Phlox ~ Cheerfulness ~ Mary, Mother of God
The Hyacinth ~ Fortitude ~ St. Julie Billiart