Mission Statement

Inspiring the faithful

Healing the broken

Making disciples

The Source and Summit of everything we do at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish is the Celebration of the Eucharist. As such all our efforts must be directed to achieve this goal. IHM Parish is made up of believers in Christ who attempt to do everything to bring honor and glory of Our Creator. Working together in communion with each other, we provide support, services, resources, and programs to all Parishioners, and where possible to the Community of Los Alamos.

We, the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, understand ourselves to be a prophetic and healing presence of Christ. We center our actions in a Christ-centered liturgical life of prayer. Our journey is rooted in the dignity of Life and the Gifts of Faith, Hope and Love. Furthermore, the Church of Immaculate Heart of Mary dedicates itself to lead by following the teachings of Jesus and in total compliance with the dictates of Our Holy Father and the Magisterium.