IHM Parish has formed a Pastoral Council. The Pastoral Council is an advisory council for Father John, so that he is better able to understand the needs and concerns of IHM parishioners. The Council is made up of the leadership of the different ministries and organizations that are part of the parish. Each member of the Pastoral Council represents all parishioners of IHM Parish. The Pastoral Council typically meets every two months and minutes from our meetings are posted on the IHM website. Please feel free to contact any councilor if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions. You can also send an email to the Pastoral Council officers. We appreciate your input!

Council Members
CouncilorPhone Number
Pam Collins609-432-0259
Dominic Dinkel505-614-6774
Ruth Doyle505-695-9355
Leslie Esquibel, Vice Chair505-690-3710
Paul Grubel575-491-5149
James Kuropatwinski505-709-5362
Shelly Kuropatwinski, Secretary505-500-5774
Adelaide Jacobson505-672-3138
Rachel Meyer505-393-1152
Jerry Morzinski505-662-3094
Stacy McLaughlin505-695-5433, 505-662-0525
Jackie Petersen505-672-9593
Yvette Sanchez505-661-4242
Peter Santi505-257-8817
Mary Ann Stroud, Chair505-930-0800
Cheryl Wampler505-572-1887, 505-699-9580
Bridget Wilson505-709-7730
Steve Wilson505-377-6768

Council Minutes/Agendas