Respect Life

Life is the right
of every child.

Not a special privilege
for the fortunate,
the planned and the perfect.

"Protecting innocent life
from conception
to natural death"

We believe that life begins at conception and ends at natural death.

We believe that abortion (so called "choice") is inherently wrong. However, we know that a woman or man, who has had or caused an abortion and has come to regret it, will be forgiven by God.

We believe that the legalization of abortion in the United States has caused terrible harm to the dignity of human life and has led to many other evils. These evils include infanticide, euthanasia, disregard of the physical and mental handicapped, killing of embryos, sale of aborted body parts and a host of other wrongs.

We believe it has led to coarsening of human behavior such as rudeness, greed, anger and contempt of the sanctity of marriage and religion.

We believe that capital punishment serves no useful purpose. It only makes the State a partner in killing.

We believe that God creates life, sustains it and calls us to himself at the end.

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